Weight loss – the ultimate guide how to burn fa the fastest way possible and look better than ever

Weight loss is just shifting carbohydrates as a major energy source at the expense of fats and proteins, carbohydrates are sourced from vegetables


You need to get 50% of your calories from fat, 40% from protein and 10% from carbohydrates.

Now don’t start arguing with me about what you read at school or what your doctor told you. As soon as you read the article you hardly have perfect six packs abs. If you had them you would do something else, not read about the problem you solved.

The problem is that people’s diets are just the opposite – 50% (yes and more) come from carbohydrates, 40% from protein (at best) the remaining 10% from fat.

This is ideally suited.

To be fair, 70-80% of the calories are derived from carbohydrates, the remaining 20-30% of incidental protein intake and quality fats.

Write down what you eat for a week and see that it’s something like that.


If you are wondering what the result of this diet is, look at your belly or the bellies of the people around you

Yes, the view is not very pleasant.

This is the result of the conventional diet. If you want to look like this, come on. Keep your diet. If you want to look flat with a belly, a healthy and energetic time is up for change.


Weight loss lessons from the Animal kingdom

Animals, mammals and humans are not made for so many carbohydrates. The natural food of mammalian predators has always been high in fat and protein.

Have you ever seen feeding a lion or a tiger with avocado or spaghetti?

This is just a person doing it.

If you want to know if something is beneficial and natural to the body, always look at what the animals are doing.

Cats, dogs, tigers and lions feed on high-protein foods – meat, milk, fish, etc. If you don’t hook them, they go to bed early (when it gets dark) and get up early. Ideal for the body. A healthy night’s sleep recharges better than one’s during the day. Only a person does not follow his natural rhythm.

They “follow” (if I may say so) the right diet – if you give some food to the animal, unless they have no choice but to smell it and leave it.

The same with alcohol and other “substances”.

You know where I would go. Animals rely on their instinct for eating, resting and sleeping. If you want to be healthy, you need to learn from them.


The good news is you don’t have to starve, lose or count calories to lose weight, just change your energy sources

Your diet should look like this:


50% of calories from fat. 40% protein. 10% of carbohydrates.

Here’s what to get them …


High quality sources of fat

  • Dairy products – cheese, yellow cheese, milk (strained);
  • Nuts – peanuts, nuts, cashews, almonds, etc .;
  • Meat fat (I open a large bracket – it is important how the animal is grown and fed. If it is fed on clean grass – OK. Eat. If it is fed with feed, it is better to avoid it. Get meat from free-range and grass-fed animals);


High quality protein sources

  • Dairy products – cheese, yellow cheese, milk (the good thing about dairy products is that they are rich in healthy fats and protein. Great for our purpose);
  • Eggs (the best source of protein. I’m talking about whole eggs. Don’t separate the yolk. Then we’ll talk about how big a mistake it is. I eat 10-15 whole eggs almost every day. No better source of protein);
  • Meat – chicken, veal, fish, etc .;


High quality carbohydrate sources

I only get them from vegetables:

  • Peppers;
  • Tomatoes;
  • Cucumbers;
  • Onions (head or stalk, all the same);
  • Cabbage;
  • Lettuce
  • Broccoli et al .;

Vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals. Satisfies perfectly – you eat a bowl of salad and you won’t even think about eating for a few hours. Carbohydrate is released slowly – it will not accumulate as fat.

And it’s pretty tasty. Put lemon, pesto, use olive oil, put on delicious spices and lick your fingers. Vegetables are delicious too, it’s not like eating grass.

You are told by a person who loves to indulge in culinary delights.


I do not recommend stewing, frying or grilling vegetables, eat them raw if possible

First, in some vegetables, boiling or frying kills vitamins and minerals.

Second, they taste more raw to me. Somehow it tastes more fresh and fresh to me. It’s one thing to swallow fresh, green vegetables, another to fry. 

I leave it to your taste.

You can’t eat anything raw. Eggplant and zucchini, you don’t eat them raw. Onions some cannot look at him, let alone eat him raw.

What you don’t like cooks it. No problem. But I advise you to eat raw vegetables as much as possible.

(Show the pot or vegetable stew product here)


Potatoes, oats, etc. avoid them – too many carbohydrates and it may be above normal

I have set a limit of 80-100 grams per day of carbohydrates.

There are 66 grams of carbohydrate in 100 grams of oatmeal. 100 grams are 3-4 tablespoons. If I eat 3-4 tablespoons of oats, my norm goes to the wind.

There are 66 grams of carbohydrate in 100 grams of oats. In 1 kg. salad has 30-40 g carbohydrate. Not to mention that my salad is 100 times tastier, more satisfying and healthy.

Same with rice, potatoes and other carbohydrate-rich foods.

Delicious – Yes. Healthy – we can argue. The problem is there is a lot of carbohydrate.

Another problem I have with oats / rice / potatoes (and it is probably not just me) is that even if you eat one bowl, after an hour or two I get hungry. You know what happens then – you eat the same thing and the pounds start to accumulate.

They are constantly praised for their low glycemic index, their complex carbohydrates and how healthy they are.

I wonder then, because when I eat a bowl of nuts, rice, or potatoes after 1 hour, do I eat again?

Have a chat-pot, but I limit them to the maximum. I get carbohydrates almost just from vegetables.

I feel so full for hours ahead. Hello. Vital.

Since I stressed on the vegetable, I don’t like it all of a sudden, I have no appetite for sweets at night and I don’t go out for 2-3 nights as hungry as a wolf for sandwiches.

  • Main Energy Source: Dairy Fats, Nuts, Olive Oil,
  • Proteins: Eggs, meat, dairy, fish, nuts (peanuts, cashews, almonds, nuts);

(to be honest it seemed like a complete fool to count calories)

Shifting carbohydrates as a major energy source at the expense of fats and proteins, carbohydrates are sourced from vegetables;

I reduce carbohydrates and so I increase my protein for more energy.


4. It is cheaper to eat healthy or how much money it takes to eat well

For example, my menu is clear – 10-15 boiled eggs – 300-500 grams of boots from the store.

But I eat it even on the road. While the other paws greasy patties, I eat a place along the way. A little comical view.

I have nothing to plan or think, things are clear. I do not waste my time cooking manji, washing pots, etc. Saves you time and is 100 times healthier than cuffs.

What I eat during the day:

  • Eggs – 15 per day – 3.50 lv. (By the way, it may be a little heavy at first, but you don’t feel the eggs over time. I should also put the cholesterol test note in the range.)
  • Shake peanuts with 1 yogurt – 2.70 lv.
  • Butte meat steak – 2-3 lv.
  • Whole chicken – 6- BGN

This is where I take the receipt and show her how much money is going out. Let me also show that it is much cheaper to eat properly than to eat on the road.

5. Workout – weights + progressive weight gain;

6. Cardio (sprints + regular cardio + pretty walking)

That’s how you sleep better. When you go crazy during the day, you sleep sweeter.


7. Fasting – I do it twice a week on the second day after training

If you can’t stand all day and night, eat one fruit or fast for a few hours instead of a full day. If you’re not feeling well – eat.

The purpose is to be healthy, not to feel like a rag, and to faint and black out on the streets.


8. Complete list of supplements

  • Codliver oil;
  • Vitamin C 
  • Multivitamins;
  • Beer May;
  • Creatine;
  • Protein (for now I don’t drink, I don’t know after I drink it and my stomach hurts, and I also eat a lot of protein);
  • Iron;
  • Magnesium;
  • Caffeine;
  1. How to do cardio for fast weight loss

Here’s a photo of Yvette Lalova and Yusein Bolt. To show that running does not lose muscle mass and you look much better. Put the photos in a slider and slide them back and forth. Better show them body parts.


Can I go without cardio?

Maybe, but slowly. Add it. You will be healthier and lose fat faster. I do cardio on the second weekend after training. A total of 2-3 cardio sessions per week.

Here is an example program:

  • Monday – training;
  • Tuesday – first day off;
  • Wednesday – (second day off) – 30-40 minutes running at a moderate pace;
  • Thursday – training;
  • Friday – first day off;
  • Saturday – (2nd day off) – 7-10 sprints of 50 meters at maximum speed;
  • Sunday – training;
  • Monday – first day off;
  • Tuesday – (second day off) – 30-40 minutes moderate running;


Some do their cardio on the day of training. Not a bad idea. I separated them on a separate day to combine them with fasting.

Sprints burn more fat, but cardio gives you more endurance and energy – I advise combining them

In general, sprints are more effective than long runs.

The idea of ​​cardio is to make your heart beat faster and faster. To gasp for breath. Thus, the body burns fat and releases growth hormone and testosterone, which also burn fat.

Sprints also shape the legs well. They give them an athletic and toned look.

From afar it appears that you are supported.

Running 20-30-40 min also has its benefits:

  • Gives endurance;
  • Corrects breathing;
  • You feel more energetic during the day and in the mood;
  • You burn fat, too, of course;

Why not take the benefits of both?


How to sprint?

Well, sprint.

Find some meadow, road or other and run as much as 50 – 100 meters.

Imagine that they are chasing dogs. Helps her

And be careful. Find a flat surface with grip and wear comfortable running shoes. Once I sprinted I stumbled into a stone and rolled 3-4 times. Very funny.

At first, you won’t run the full 100 meters. Relax. Start at 20 – 30 – 40 meters and so.

Make a sprint. Drinking water. Rest 2-3 minutes. Then again.

After a few sessions you will be able to sprint a full 100 meters.


How To Do Cardio?



Some say that cardio melts muscles. I don’t know where this myth is, but it’s complete nonsense.

In order for the body to start breaking down the amino acids from the muscles, you must not have eaten for a long time and the other sources of energy – fats are completely over.

Exactly the opposite. Cardio will help you to shape your body well.

You will have more endurance. The lungs take in more air. You have more energy. and many other benefits that we will talk about in another post.

Look at the sprinters – do they look naughty? Sprints secrete testosterone and growth hormone.

These are the hormones that build muscle.



  1. Full 24 hour fasting (only water) – my secret for rapid weight loss

Note: Look, I acted aggressively. 2 times a week is not for everyone at all.

Generally, fasting is not eaten from morning to evening, but I have not eaten anything for 24 hours.

Only water and vitamins.

I fasted twice a week, the second day after training. On the day of fasting I also did cardio.

Here’s my program:

  • Monday – training
  • Tuesday – first day off
  • Wednesday – Second Weekend – fasting + 30-45 min cardio
  • Thursday – third day off
  • Friday – training
  • Saturday – first day off
  • Sunday – Second Weekend – Post + Cardio (sprints)
  • Monday – the third weekend
  • Tuesday – training, etc.


For the first 3-4 months, I lost the fastest and the most pounds. My priority was to lose weight, not so much to gain muscle.

After the fourth month I had lost a lot of fat and decided to remove the 2nd post a week. The priority was to gain muscle mass. Not that I wasn’t uploading with the old program, but I wanted things to go faster.

Training after a day for fasting was uncomfortable. I felt weak. That’s why I put a 1 day buffer between fasting and training day.

Keep in mind that I train very hard with the most difficult exercises – dead sore, squat, sun lounger, back dials, etc.

And the slightest lack of power is noticeable.

In short, the post was already hampering my new goals – muscle building.

I moved the post at the end of the week – Saturday or Sunday.

Like the Bible.

My new program now looks like this:

  • Monday – training
  • Tuesday – first day off
  • Worth a second day off + cardio
  • Thursday – training
  • Friday – first day off
  • Saturday – 2nd soil + cardio + fasting
  • Sunday – training

I wrote above that after a day of fasting my workout was difficult, but I caught his leg.

I shifted my workout in the evening (before training in the afternoon) and increased my fat immediately after getting up:

  • After waking I ate 500 grams of cream (20% fat) – 100 grams of fat = 900 calories;
  • Dose of protein – 25-30 g;
  • 7-10 pills of beer yeast;
  • 3 pills Vitamin C + iron (link to vitamin for iron);
  • Breakfast – omelette with ham and cheese with salad;

Brewer’s yeast is rich in B-type vitamins, which are linked to energy levels in the body. Iron is also key because of hemoglobin. Iron will help you be healthier – more blood cells in the blood – more power.

As for Vitamin C, I always take it for general health.

Keep in mind that I ate it and drank it up to 90 minutes after waking up.

After that, I no longer felt weak. Workouts are normal, even after a full day of fasting combined with cardio.

I can return the 2nd post a week, but it will slow me down with muscle gain – I’ll have to eat with 1 day less.


Fasting for weight loss

If you can’t stand all day and night, eat one fruit or fast from morning to evening. If you’re not feeling well – eat.

The goal is to be healthy and give your body time to purify itself for 24 hours.

Not to feel like a rag and fall into the streets.



Over time you will download more slowly and slowly, calmly, this is completely normal

You can’t solve problems with years of 1-2 weeks.

You cannot remove fat accumulated in years for 1-2 months.

In the beginning you will download quickly. For a week – .5 – 1 kg. However, over time, it gets slower.

Most often here people give up or wonder what to do because they expect the rate of fat burning to be equal and will always come down as fast as they did in the beginning.

Not so. The body will find it increasingly difficult to split its reserve energy – fat.

Give yourself time and keep up the diet, exercise and fasting as normal.

Things will slow down, yes, but they won’t stop.


Body positivity crusher

Is it all worth it?

Of course. Stand by the mirror and look into your eyes.

Do you really want to look full or shreded?

Some people and stars say you have to accept yourself as you are. To be in love. You respect, etc. no matter what.

Being overweight was beautiful, inspiring and I don’t know what.

It’s interesting to me that all the stars who say it look pretty good.

Have you seen a star (especially a woman) fat? All are perfectly maintained. Makeup. Powdered before an interview or presentation.

Too many celebrities, even in their contracts with some companies, have requirements about what weight and measures they need to maintain.

It’s like the nonsense the stars tell in interviews and so on. That it was very difficult to have money, that their fame weighed, etc.

However, no one wants to part with them.

Do not listen to them. Unless they advise you to improve and grow as a person, totally ignore it.

Most do not know what this is about, others are trying to push through their political agenda.

And the biggest reason – they just have nothing to do with the reality of the average person.

In fact, some have lost touch with reality completely.

Ignore them.

Working on yourself is worth every abdominal press. Each drop of sweat. Every invested second in the gym or treadmill.

And both. When, because of their stupid advice, your quality of life goes down, no one will come to you and tell you. “

“I’m sorry to have misled you. Here is 2 years of my life for misleading you with my tips. “

When you think, who would do it at all? People look at their own interest, not yours. You have to think about yourself. No one else will.

Choose very, very carefully who you listen to.


Do not get me wrong. Being overweight does not make you a bad person. No less makes you human. Nothing of the kind. I had also put on extra pounds.

But if you have the opportunity to improve, have a method and not do it, what is your opening?

Now listen to me carefully. It pays for everything:

  • About the action;
  • And about inaction;

If you continue to gain weight, things will only get worse from here on out:

  • Joint problems (will not withstand the stress of being overweight);
  • Heart problems (it is difficult for his heart to pump blood at overweight);
  • Reproductive system problems (to be checked);
  • As you go up one floor you will sweat as if you were running for 10 minutes;
  • You will not be attractive to the opposite sex (argue with me as much as you want, but nature will not change – men love tight women, women love tight men. Stop fooling yourself and holding hands.)

And last but not least – you won’t look good.

And you won’t like it internally. You will be fooled that you are OK. Internally, however, you will grow a slight hatred of the weaker and of you.


Weight loss or weight loss takes the same effort, so why choose excess weight?

Thinking Is There a Difference?

  • At the same time, it takes you to make a pastry and make a vegetable omelette.
  • It takes the same time, instead of ordering a pizza, to order chicken with vegetables.
  • It takes the same time instead of grabbing a packet of chips to pick up a packet of sliced ​​vegetables.

It’s like being in a store and being told that for 1 dollar they can give you 1 pound of nuts or 100 grams of nuts.

Of course you will choose 1 kilogram. So why in life are you picking the 100 grams?


The argument that healthy food is nasty is a lot of nonsense, we said that it can be quite tasty

Healthy food is a diet high in fat and protein.

Believe me – meat, fish, cheese and salads are not tasty at all.

Do you think it’s a good idea to eat a juicy steak garnished with whipped cream, olive oil, lemon and some garlic to taste with a glass of red wine?

Believe me, if you try it once you’ll lick your toes.

I’m a gourmand, and as such, I guarantee you it’s pretty tasty.

Often I hear from men that healthy food was not for real men

Which one do you choose? A or B?

  • A) Eating foods that naturally increase testosterone, growth hormone and libido (a fat-rich diet increases sexual desire by many), that is, makes you more man;
  • B- Or is the food that makes you fat lowers testosterone, growth hormone, lowers libido and clogs your arteries?

There’s nothing to add.



In the beginning you will have to work hard to remove the extra pounds

If you have accumulated excess hernias you will need time to clear them. Yes. We do not dispute this.

You need to solve the problem, but when you remove them and go on a healthy lifestyle and diet, they will no longer harass you.

They remain in the past. Where their place is.

So if you’re wondering if anyone is asking you if it’s worth it – you know – it’s worth every second.



The reason for getting fat – lack of vitamins (+ list of what you need and where to buy it)


Here’s the truth:

You are getting fat because you are eating more food.

Because your body is hungry. But it is not hungry for carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

No. She is hungry for what she needs – vitamins and minerals.

That’s right, friends. This is the reason.

Let’s look at an example. You eat pizza with meat. You’re eating well. And after 3 hours you’re hungry again.

The body senses that you have not provided it with vitamins and minerals and urges you to eat more and more.

How is it happening? Quite simple.

Your body is an intelligent system. It understands when the body does not have the necessary substances for its optimal functioning.

And thus, it signals you that you are hungry. And what do we do? We eat more pizza, more burgers, and that leads to stuffing.

But let’s look at exactly how this process works.


For example, you order a hamburger and fries.

In the body, you create inflammation from fried potatoes, roast meat, and your body, as an intelligent system, looks for a way to cope with this stress.

What is it doing? It releases cortisol, the stress hormone. This leads to fat storage.

The other thing that happens is that when you eat fried potatoes, you eat fast carbs. Thus, the pancreas releases no small amounts of insulin and since all of these carbohydrates cannot be used instantly, your body stores them as fat.

Keep in mind that burger bread and potatoes are fast carbs.

And that is why the body is forced to store them as fat.


Or as I like to explain it. Imagine giving me ten heavy boxes stacked on top of one another and your goal is to unpack them one by one.

When I give them to you, you will leave 9 of them, and you will begin to unpack the first one. And then the second, third, and so on. This is exactly what your body does. It stores the remaining 9 boxes in the form of fat and then, when needed, burns it when energy is needed.

That is why it is wise to eat slow-breaking carbohydrates. Because they are absorbed in hours and you constantly have energy, and after a few hours you are not hungry.

For example – instead of pizza, a huge salad of meat.

This will give you energy for a long time and give your body at least some vitamins and minerals.

However, let’s get back to how important vitamins and minerals are.


To explain it, I’ll use another analogy.

Just like your car needs engine oil, gasoline, gearbox oil, antifreeze, etc. to work optimally, so does your body need vitamins, minerals, amino acids and omega 3-6-9 fats .

When you don’t give them to your body for a long time, it will  break . Just like when the oil in your car’s engine runs out, it gets damaged.

This is why it is so important for a person to take vitamins, minerals, amino acids and omega 3-6-9 fats.

So, just like in your car, when the oil is low, the dashboard light comes on, so your body, when there are no vitamins and minerals, gives you a signal. But the body can’t tell you  “Hey, stupid! Give me vitamins and minerals . ” It would be nice if you could. It gives you a signal that you are hungry.

And again you enter into this enchanted cycle – you eat, you are hungry and you eat again.

And what is the result? You accumulate fat and you fill up.


How to lose belly fat?

You can not. When you lose weight, the body burns fat everywhere – legs, arms, chest, etc. you cannot force fat burning in a particular area.

Only various marketing geniuses with their belly devices are trying to convince people to the contrary.

The fastest way to have a flat stomach is:

  • Diet (that’s what we’re talking about throughout the article); 
  • Fasting;
  • Abs workout (workout will not melt your fat, but your abdominal muscles will look bigger and more defined. When you start to lose weight, your belly will look faster.);

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