The 11 best Omega-3 supplements UK [2023 Edition]

best omega 3 supplements uk

Looking for the best Omega-3 supplements for a healthy heart, vision and brain function?

Or maybe you are expecting a baby and still researching which is the best Omega-3 brand for pregnancy? In order to avoid wasting time researching, we’ve put together a list of the 11 best Omega-3 supplements that you can order from the UK or USA.

We’ll also discuss what is the best source of Omega-3 for vegans and vegetarians. What is the recommended daily dose (this may surprise you)? Best time to take Omega-3?

We have a lot of work to do, so let’s get started…

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Choose UK-made Omega-3 supplements certified for quality and, most importantly, with good reviews from people just like you

I have selected the best Omega-3 (EPA & DHA) supplements in the UK adhering to the following standards…

  • Personal observations. I’m sharing the positives, negatives and the things that made an impression on me about the supplement. Don’t expect only glowing reviews. We will also talk about the disadvantages.
  • Brand. I put enormous weight on the brand’s reputation. It’s better to play it safe with supplements. Expect several products from one tried and trusted manufacturer.
  • Made in the UK. We support British business. If the Omega-3 supplement is made in the UK, that’s a massive plus for me.
  • Origin of the ingredients. I made sure the source of Omega-3 fatty acids is fish or algae from ecologically clean areas. The origin of algae or fish in the supplements from the list is mostly from the icy waters of the Arctic or Norway.
  • Purified from heavy metals. All Omega-3 products (especially fish oils) must be clean from metals like mercury and other sea contaminants. This is a must.
  • Certified quality. Free from GMOs. I’ve selected Omega-3 supplements that have been independently tested for quality, taste, GMO, etc. Some products have even won prizes for their taste. We want only the best.
  • Customer feedback. Last but not least, I also choose products based on reviews from customers, just like you.

OK, let’s go…


The best Omega 3, 6 and 9: Synt Omega 369+ Advanced, 1000 mg, 90 Capsules

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Looking for an advanced combination of Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids?

One capsule delivers a perfect combo of 400 mg fish oil (Omega-3), 290 mg Sunflower seed oil and 300 mg Flaxseed Oil.

In short, those are perhaps the best sources of Omega-3, 6, 9, ALA (Alpha Linolenic Acid), LA (Linolenic Acid) and OA (Oleic Acid). You also get 72 mg EPA and 48 mg DHA – the reason to take Omega supplements.

Although the purpose of the product is to support normal vision, heart and brain function, a capsule every day can also help with normal cholesterol levels.

Sunflower seed oil contains phytosterols that can tame high levels of cholesterol. Also, it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. ALA is related to the health of hair and nails.

Perfect if you’re looking for the full package of benefits in one product at a great price!


My personal observations


  • From a reputable brand – us (+always free shipping, 30-day money-back guarantee and quantity discounts – SSP – Synt StockUp Program);
  • Made in the UK;
  • A powerful combination of Omega-3, 6 and 9;



  • Contains only 90 capsules – the product with the fewest number of capsules in the list;
  • The recommended daily dose is 1-6 capsules per day (due to the low content of DHA/EPA) – for some, it is too much;

Made in the UK. Non-GMO. Free from common allergens or synthetics. Manufactured using GMP and ISO 9001 quality practices. Supplied in innovative letterbox-friendly and recyclable packaging. Quantity discounts. Always free shipping.

  • Quantity: 90 softgel capsules;
  • Recommended intake: 1-6 capsules/day;
  • Product form: Softgel capsules;


Best high-strenght Omega-3: Solgar Triple Strength Omega 3, Fish Oil, 100 softgel capsules

best high strenght omega 3 fish oil uk

Learn more:

Looking for a strong dose of Omega-3 fatty acids?

Solgar has something for you…

One capsule contains first-class 950 mg Omega-3 (504 mg EPA, 378 mg DHA) for the nourishment of your heart, vision and joints. The recommended daily intake is 2 capsules for a total of 1900 mg Omega-3 fatty acids every day!

Studies suggest that doses higher than 2000 mg. EPA/DPA per day are way more beneficial than smaller ones. So maybe Solgar is onto something with this product.
More on that at the end of the article.


My personal observations


  • Derived from deep-sea, coldwater fish;
  • A punchy dose of 950 mg Omega-3 per capsule;
  • Purified from mercury, which makes it suitable for adults and children;
  • One glass jar contains 100 capsules;
  • And finally, well… it’s Solgar;



  • Yeah, it’s a little pricey (like most Solgar products), but when taking a capsule a day (enough for most people), it lasts for 100 days.

Triple strength. Non-GMO. Free from all common allergens including – gluten, wheat and dairy. Purified from mercury and other metals or impurities. Extracted from coldwater fish. One of the top-rated Omega-3 supplements in the UK/US.

  • Quantity: 100 capsules (50-day supply);
  • Recommended intake: 2 capsules/day
  • Product form: Softgel capsules;


The best algae Omega-3: Igennus Concentrated Vegan Omega-3 w/ Astaxanthin, 600 mg, 60 softgel capsules

best algae omega 3 supplement with astaxanthin

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Looking for vegan Omega-3 supplements sourced from algae? With added Astaxanthin for powerful antioxidant protection?

One serving (2 softgels) from Igennus supplement provides a total of 1344 mg Omega-3 algae oil (400 mg DHA, 200 mg EPA). Enhanced with 1mg Astaxanthin (from 10.5 mg AstaPure® extract).

The addition of AstaPure® Astaxanthin offers superior antioxidant protection for the cells and thus the whole body.

In short, an amazing vegan alternative to fish-based Omega-3.


My personal observations


  • Contains both DHA and EPA in a perfect 2:1 ratio. Unlike other algae Omega-3 oils, which contain only DHA, this supplement also provides
    200 mg EPA.
  • Provides 1 mg of Astaxanthin sourced from microalgae;
  • Certified vegan;
  • Small and easy-to-swallow capsules;
  • Extracted from fresh algae, which has not been dried at any stage during the process (at least according to the manufacturer);



  • Some customers report that there is a fishy smell;
  • Often the product is not in stock;

Cultivated in pure filtered water. Free from ocean-borne contaminants. Sustainably sourced. Small easy-to-swallow capsules. Free from common allergens. Non-GMO. Certified vegan. One of the best vegan Omega-3 supplements you can buy in the UK/US. Amazon’s choice for “vegan omega”.

  • Quantity: 60/180 capsules (30-day/90-day supply);
  • Recommended intake: 2 capsules/day;
  • Product form: Softgel capsules;

Looking for flaxseed oil or hemp alternatives suitable for vegans? Take a look at Synt Hemp Seed Oil 1000 mg  and Synt Flaxseed Oil 1000 mg.


Best vegan/vegetarian Omega 3, 6, 9: Lindens Vegan Omega 3, 6 & 9 Flaxseed, 1000 mg, 90 softgel capsules

Best vegan vegetarian Omega 3 6 9 uk

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Vegan/vegetarian alternative made with flaxseed oil. Relax. The vegan alternative has all the health benefits your heart, vision and brain crave.

One (cellulose-based) softgel capsule provides 500 mg Omega-3 (alpha-linolenic acid), around 175 mg Omega-6 (linoleic acid) and 200 mg Omega-9 (oleic acid).
By the way, the recommended daily dose is 4 capsules. So multiply the above doses by 4.

Lindens Vegan Omega 3, 6 & 9 helps with the usual stuff. Contributes to normal cholesterol levels. Supports the function of the brain, heart and eyes. Some say it helps with knee or elbow pain. Of course, those are customer reviews so take them with a grain of salt.


My observations


  • Made in the UK from a trusted brand – Lindens;
  • Vegan combination of Omega 3, 6 and 9;
  • Instead of a box/jar, Lindens use an envelope, which can fit almost anywhere. Perfect for traveling and saving space;
  • Excellent value for money;



  • The recommended daily dose is 4 capsules, but some find it too much;
  • If you follow the instructions, the package lasts for about 20 days. Which is a bit inconvenient if you don’t like to order often;
  • There are complaints that the capsules crack in the box (however, this is more a courier and a delivery problem);
  • Contains Carrageenan (there is no evidence that it is harmful, but I thought I would share it, see below for a carrageenan-free alternative);

Perfect if you can’t stand the smell of fish. Cellulose-based vegan capsules. Made in the UK by a UK brand. No artificial colorants. Free from preservatives. No lactose or yeast. Gluten-free. 100% vegan.

  • Quantity: 90 softgel capsules (22-23-day supply);
  • Recommended intake: 4 capsules/day;
  • Product form: Cellulose-based softgel capsules

For a vegan omega-3 alternative free from palm oil and carrageenan: Vegan Vitality Vegan Omega 3 Algae Oil


The best Norwegian Omega-3 Fish Oil: Carlson Omega3 Pure Norwegian Fish Oil, Orange flavor, 150 capsules

The best Norwegian Omega 3 Fish Oil uk

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Looking for a pure Omega-3 fish oil supplement from the icy waters of Norway?

1 Carlson Omega-3 capsule provides 700 mg of fish oil (180 mg EPA, 120 mg DHA) derived from anchovy, mackerel and sardines.

To ensure maximum freshness, the fish oil is closely managed from sea to store. IFOS non-GMO Certified. The only third-party testing and certification program exclusively for fish oil supplements. Non-GMO certified by the International Genetically Modified Organism Evaluation and Notification (IGEN) program.

In short, you are buying perhaps the perfect Norwegian Omega-3 fish oil supplement!


My personal observations


  • A reputable brand – Carlson labs;
  • Tested and certified by prestigious institutions for perfect quality;
  • I also like that the fish oil is sourced from the highest quality, deep, coldwater fish using traditional, sustainable methods;
  • Great value – 120 +30 capsules!
  • Fresh orange flavor (I love orange);



  • Low DHA/EPA content per serving compared to other products in the list with the best Omega-3 supplements. Either you need to take more capsules or choose another one supplement.
  • Some find the capsules hard to swallow;

Fresh orange flavor. Non-GMO certified. FDA tested for freshness, potency, and purity. A 4-time winner of’s Best Omega-3 product poll!

  • Quantity: 120 + 30 capsules (75-day supply);
  • Recommended intake: 2 capsules/day;
  • Product form: Softgel capsules;


Best Norwegian fish oil with lemon scent: Carlson Labs Fish Oil, Lemon flavor, 500 ml

Best norwegian fish oil with lemon scent uk

Learn more:

Looking for pure Norwegian fish oil with a lemon scent?

One dose (5 ml) contains 4.6 g pure fish oil (800 mg EPA, DHA 500 mg) derived from anchovy, mackerel and sardine. Supports heart, brain, vision, and joint health. Like all Carlson Omega-3s freshness, potency, and purity are guaranteed!

By the way, always store the bottle in the fridge, just to make sure the oil doesn’t go rancid!


My observations


  • A huge advantage for me is that it is suitable for children and pregnant women;
  • IFOS and IGEN NON-GMO certified, the product quality is guaranteed;
  • Nice lemon taste, which neutralizes the fish taste;
  • Great value – one bottle is 500 ml, which is enough for 100 days (at 5 ml/day, of course).



  • The price – if you take more than 5 ml/day, it is no longer so cheap. We shouldn’t forget that this is a premium quality product.
  • Another thing that struck me is that the lemon flavor doesn’t mix well with other drinks/foods. Best to put it in the spoon and swallow it.

Processed and bottled in Norway for maximum freshness. Great for kids, children and adults. No lactose or yeast. Gluten-free. IFOS and IGEN non-GMO certified. One of the best Norwegian fish oils on the US/UK market.

  • Quantity: 500 ml (100-day supply);
  • Recommended intake: 5 or 10 ml/day;
  • Product form: Oil;


The best Omega-3 fish oil with vitamins for pregnancy: Vitabiotics Pregnacare Max, 84 tablets

The best Omega 3 fish oil with vitamins for pregnancy uk

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Are you looking for an advanced Omega-3 supplement with all the needed vitamins for a normal pregnancy? From the UK’s N#1 pregnancy brand?

Well, we have something for you…

One capsule provides 600 mg Fish oil (300 mg DHA, 60 mg EPA). Crucial for the development of the baby. 2 tablets contain all critical vitamins in (almost) 100% of the daily dose – Vitamin D3, K, C, B1, B12, Folic Acid, Biotin, Iron, etc.

It also contains N-Acetyl Cysteine, L-arginine, Folic Acid, Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Selenium and Iodine. You can take Pregnacare during any stage of pregnancy. It also replaces the need for other multivitamins.

A complete product.


My observations


  • Made in the UK from the UK’s #1 pregnancy brand – Vitabiotics;
  • Contains critical vitamins, minerals and Omega-3 in 100% of daily doses (for each stage of pregnancy) in 2 tablets;
  • Contains Folic acid, Zinc and Selenium – crucial for easy pregnancy;
  • Free from all common allergens or GMOs;



  • Some find the tablets difficult to swallow;
  • The price – some buy the different vitamins and Omega-3 separately and seem to pay less this way. Decide for yourself.

No artificial colorants. Free from preservatives. No lactose or yeast. Gluten-free. Not tested on animals! UK’s #1 pregnancy brand. One of the best Omega-3 pregnancy supplements in the UK.

  • Quantity: 84 tablets/capsules (28-day supply);
  • Recommended intake: 2 tablets/day + 1 Omega-3 capsule/day;
  • Product form: Tablets/Capsules;


The best Omega-3 fish oil for babies/infants: Nordic Naturals Baby’s DHA, 60 ml.

best omega 3 supplement infants babys

Learn more:

Looking for easy-to-take Omega-3 from cod liver oil for your baby?

One serving – 5 ml, provides 1050 mg Omega-3s (350 mg EPA, 485 mg DHA) and 7.5 mcg (300 IU) vitamin D for problem-free development of the baby. DHA is crucial for the development of the brain, eyes and nervous system. Supports rapid growth. DHA strengthens the immune system and reduces the risk of infections or allergies.

Crucial while your baby’s resistance is still weak.

In short, 1-2 drops daily support the development and well-being of your child. Kids deserve the best, right?

Vitamin D is key to bone building and immune function. Its intake is of the utmost priority if the diet is poor in vitamin D or the place where you live is lacking direct daylight (for example, the UK, Russia, or Scandinavia).


My personal observations


  • From a reputable brand and recommended by the American Pregnancy Association – this makes it trustworthy, in my opinion;
  • Measuring drop included – super handy if you ask me;
  • Free from GMOs and purity tested;



  • I found it to have a slightly more bitter taste than other top-rated Omega-3 supplements for children and infants. This is the only drawback.

Superior absorption and purity. Derived from wild-caught Arctic cod. No gluten, milk derivatives, artificial colorants or flavors. No GMOs. Certified fresh. Measured dropper included. Recommended by the American Pregnancy Association. One of the best Omega-3 supplements in the UK/US.

  • Quantity: 60 ml (12-day supply);
  • Recommended intake: 5 ml/day;
  • Product form: Liquid;

Important: For more top rated cod liver oil supplements –


The best Omega-3 for children: Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Fish oil Children’s DHA, 473 ml.

Best Omega-3 for children uk

Learn more:

In need of Omega-3s from pure arctic cod liver oil for children?

One serving (2.5 ml/half teaspoon) from Nordic Naturals Oil provides a total of 530 mg Omega-3s (170 mg EPA, 255 mg DHA) for the brain, learning and cognitive development of your kid.


My personal observations


  • From a reputable brand – Nordic Naturals;
  • Sugar-free but with natural strawberry flavor. Perfect if your child is crazy about sugar or you just want to cut it from the diet.
  • Great value! 1 bottle contains 192* doses. Roughly £0.20 per day! If you take half a teaspoon a day, of course.
  • Free from common allergens and GMOs – perfect for kids;
  • Great taste;



  • The label does not say the content of vitamin D, I hate things like this;
  • The product becomes pricey if you take larger doses;

Free from sugar. Strawberry flavor. Crystal purity. Non-GMO. Sustainable. Freshness and potency guaranteed. Third-party tested for purity. Amazon’s choice.

  • Quantity: 473 ml (192-day supply);
  • Recommended intake: 2.5 ml/day;
  • Product form: Oil;


The best Omega-3 Fish Oil with GLA: Thorne Research Omega+ with Omega-3, 6, and GLA, 90 gelcaps

The best Omega 3 Fish Oil with GLA uk

Learn more:

Fuse the power of Omega 3, 6 and GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid) for powerful support of the heart, cholesterol levels, skin and bones.

1 capsule of Omega+ contains 300 mg EPA, 200 mg DHA and 40 mg GLA (from borage oil). The perfect ratio between Omega 3 and 6. Derived from sardines, anchovies, and mackerel.
The star in the product – GLA, supports superior brain function, skeletal health, reproductive health, and metabolism. It’s also essential for stimulating skin and hair growth.

Definitely give the product a try if you want to support your appearance as well.


My personal observations


  • From a reputable brand – Thorne Research;
  • Omega-3 & 6 fatty acids in a balanced ratio;



  • The usual stuff – some find the capsules too big, unpleasant smell, etc.
  • A bit pricey;

Dairy-free. Soy-free. Gluten-free. No artificial flavors. No GMOs. Perfect balance between Omega-3 and 6. A brand trusted by healthcare professionals, U.S. National Teams, and families around the world.

  • Quantity: 90 capsules (90-day supply);
  • Recommended intake: 1 capsule/day;
  • Product form: Capsules;


The best Omega-3 fish oil with CoQ10: Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega and COQ10, 120 Softgel Capsules

The best Omega 3 fish oil with CoQ10 uk

Learn more:

If you are looking for strong Omega-3 fortified with Coenzyme Q10, this is the product for you!

1 dose (2 capsules) provides 1280 mg Omega-3 (650 mg EPA, 450 DHA) and 100 mg Coenzyme Q10 (Ubiquinone). In short, this product packs a punch!

The fish oil is extracted from anchovies and sardines from environmentally clean waters using sustainable methods. The convenient combination of Omega-3 and CoQ10 supports the heart, energy levels and overall health.


My personal observations


  • From a reputable brand – Nordic Naturals;
  • 1280 mg Omega-3 in one serving (2 capsules) – higher doses, better effect;
  • Omega-3 + CoQ10 – you get 2 supplements in 1, saving time and money;



  • The price (again) – at least you get 120 capsules, which balances things out;
  • If your doctor has recommended more than 100 mg of COQ10, then you should either take 2 capsules or get CoQ10 separately (which kind of kills the purpose of the product).

Superior absorption. Proven purity. Sustainability. No gluten, milk derivatives, artificial colorants or flavors. Purified deep sea fish oil (from anchovies and sardines). Third-party purity tested.

  • Quantity: 120 capsules (2-month supply);
  • Recommended intake: 2 capsules/day;
  • Product form: Softgel capsules;


Omega-3 dosage – how much EPA and DHA should I take per day?

Total: 300-500 mg EPA and DHA.

There is no official recommended daily allowance for EPA and DHA.

In fact, research shows that doses over 2000 mg (10x the above mentioned) EPA/DHA are completely safe and far more effective.

It appears that the body’s need for Omega-3 is much higher than previously thought. Of course, you should consult a doctor first.

For more information on the subject, devour this super interesting article from Nordic –

Important: Regarding Vitamin A and pregnancy… In the list above, there are Omega-3 supplements with Cod liver oil, which contains Vitamin A. When accumulated, Vitamin A becomes toxic and can lead to birth defects. If pregnant or breastfeeding, avoid Cod liver oil or supplements that contain vitamin A! Speak with your doctor for further details.


What should you eat to get the Omega-3 you need?

Oily fishes.

Mackerel, salmon, herring, sprats, trout, sardines, cod, lake trout, light tuna, anchovies, caviar, etc. 1-2 portions per week (150 g per portion, 300-350 g in total) should be enough to get the necessary 500 mg EPA and DHA.

Canned fish doesn’t count.

Some foods – milk, yogurt, infant formulas, eggs, juices, etc. are also fortified with Omega-3 fatty acids.

Vegan? Vegetarian? Go for flaxseed (linseed) oils, walnuts, chia, hemp, pumpkin and algal oils. Have a look at products 2 and 3 in the list above.


Which is the best time to take Omega-3 fatty acids?

Omega-3 works through accumulation. It’s more important to take it regularly.

There is no best time to take it. In the morning. Lunch. Evening. Before bed. Whenever is convenient for you. Otherwise, it is best to take with fatty foods for higher bioavailability. Eggs, milk, cheese, butter, lard, red meats (beef, lamb, pork), bacon, fish, olive oil, avocado, etc.

Something like that.

Also, consuming fish oil with food can dramatically reduce the risk of acid reflux, indigestion, nausea, belching, etc. (source:

If Omega-3 supplements irritate your stomach or you can sense a bad smell, definitely take them with food.


If you can’t get enough Omega-3 fatty acids from your food, use some of the best Omega-3 supplements from the list above.

Omega-3 fatty acids are crucial for the body, but if you don’t eat fish at least 2-3 times a week, there is no way to get them.

Some people don’t eat fish for religious and personal (or financial) reasons and have to get them using one of the supplements above. That is if you take your optimal health seriously.

Relax. They all contain 100% of the recommended daily doses (vitamin D and A) in easy-to-take form – capsules or oil (liquid). As I said, take 1-2 capsules with fatty foods and your daily Omega-3 will be covered.

If you think I’ve missed something – any details, supplements, or information, please share it in the comments below.


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