The 9 best cod liver oil supplements in the UK [2022 Edition]

best cod liver oil supplements uk

Looking for the best cod liver oil supplements in the UK for healthy joints, vision, and bones?

In order not to waste time and money with bad products, we have gathered the top 9 cod liver oil supplements for 2022 (capsules, tablets, fermented, liquid, and for kids/children), which you can order right now.

We will discuss the criteria for choosing a supplement? What were the criteria we have considered before picking the best supplements? When is the perfect time to take cod liver oil? How to store it properly?

Let’s go…


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Cod liver oil or omega-3 – which one is the best for me (and can I take both at the same time)?

It is best to take only cod liver oil supplement.

Both contain omega-3 fatty acids. Cod liver oil is richer in nutrients and contains vitamins A and D. 1 teaspoon (that is about 5 ml.) contains 4501IU * (90% RDI) Vitamin A and 450IU * Vitamin D (113% RDI).

More bang for your buck.

If you do not want more vitamin A (vitamin A overdose is harmful) and D or if you want to strictly control their dosage, take only fish oil. You can also take fish oil in addition to vitamin D and A supplements if you want the benefits from those vitamins but don’t want to take cod liver oil.

Important: If you are pregnant, avoid cod liver oil. Overdosing can lead to birth defects! Play it safe and take your doses of DHA and EPA from Omega-3 supplement.

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Bet on UK-made pure oil supplements certified for quality and, most importantly, with good reviews from people just like you

I have selected the best cod liver supplements in the UK having in mind these criteria…

  • Origin. Look for oil from fish that is caught using sustainable methods and comes from ecologically clean areas. The origin of most supplements is the wild fish from the icy waters of the Arctic or Norway.
  • Purified from heavy metals. All products are clean of metals and other contaminants.
  • Made in the UK. We support British business. If the product is made in the UK, this is a bonus for us.
  • Certified quality. We have selected products that have been independently tested for quality, taste, etc. Some products have even won prizes for their taste (product number 5). We want only the best.
  • Customer feedback. What matters to me is what people say about the product, and not what the manufacturer says. I have selected only highly-rated products on Amazon, etc.

OK, let’s move on to the list with the best cod liver oil supplements…


best cod liver oil omega 3

Product 1: Synt Cod Liver Oil 1000mg 90 soft gel capsules

Learn more:

We are starting off with one of our best and widely sold products – Synt Cod Liver Oil. One capsule contains 1000 mg. premium Cod Liver Oil (100 mg. DHA and 80 mg. EPA).

The supplement is fortified with 100% of the recommended daily doses of Vitamin A (800µg) and D (5µg). It is the perfect choice if you don’t get enough direct sunlight (for example, if you live in the UK).

Vitamin A is known to be useful for vision. Promotes the production and activity of the red and white blood cells. Strengthens your immune system. Improves blood vessel health. Contributes to normal iron metabolism for more energy during the day and a healthier immune system.
Vitamin D supports bone and muscle health. Helps absorb and utilize calcium and phosphorus. Supports a healthy immune system.

If you don’t get enough Vitamin D and/or need fish oil, the supplement is one of the best in the UK that you can find.

  • Quantity: 90 capsules (1-3 capsules/day, you have enough for 10 – 30 days);
  • Recommended intake: 1-3 capsules/day;
  • Product form: Softgel capsules


best liquid cod liver

Product 2: Carlson Labs Norwegian Cod Liver Oil, 500 ml

Learn more:

You don’t like capsules? Try drinking your supplement.

Carlson Labs Norwegian Cod liver oil is one of the best and widely sold liquid supplements not only in the UK but also in the United States. If you are looking for pure oil, without flavoring, etc. this one is for you. The oil is extracted from wildly-caught Arctic cod from Norway’s ecologically clean waters.

Like all Carlson products and Carlson, the freshness, purity, and effect of the product are guaranteed.

The recommended dose is 1 tbsp. Here’s what it contains – 4.6 g of 100% pure Norwegian cod liver oil. 1,100 mg. Omega-3 fatty acids (500 mg. DHA, 400 mg. EPA). 850 IU vitamin A (17% RDI), 400 IU vitamin D3 (100%), and of course 10IU vitamin E (33%).

  • Quantity: 500 ml. (1 tablespoon/day, you have enough for 100 days);
  • Recommended intake: 1 teaspoon (5 ml.)/day;
  • Product form: Liquid/oil;


best cod liver oil tablets

Product 3: Zipvit Cod Liver Oil 1000mg, 360 Softgel Capsules

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One capsule of this supplement delivers 1000 mg. first-class cod liver oil, which contains 80 mg. EPA and 100 mg. DHA. Contains vitamin A (2664iu – 75% RDI) and vitamin D (200iu -100% RDI) for bone, muscle health, and inexhaustible energy even on the busiest days!

Gigantic Value! Contains 360 capsules (take 1 per day) – enough for the whole year! The capsule is soft, small, and easy to swallow. There is no nasty fish smell. One of the most affordable cod liver oil supplements in the United Kingdom.

  • Quantity: 360 capsules (1 capsule/day, enough for 1 year)
  • Recommended intake: 1 capsule/day
  • Product form: Softgel capsules


suitable for a smaller dose of cod liver oil

Product 4: Natures Aid Cod Liver Oil 550 mg 120 Softgel Capsules

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Usually, one capsule contains 550 mg. pure cod liver oil, 140 mg. of which are Omega-3 fatty acids (44 mg EPA and 50 mg. DHA). Like other cod liver oil supplements, this one is fortified with vitamin A (800 micrograms/100% RDI) and vitamin D (5 micrograms/100% RDI).

Perfect for when you need a strong dose of Vitamin D and Omega-3 fatty acids!

One advantage of this product is its extreme purity. Natures Aid Cod Liver Oil is sourced from the ecologically clean region of the North Atlantic Ocean. It is molecularly distilled in order to remove heavy metals (for example, mercury), dioxins, and PCBs.

It is Amazon’s choice in the “Cod liver oil capsules 500” category.

  • Quantity: 120 capsules (1 capsule/day, enough for 1 year)
  • Recommended intake: 1 capsule/day
  • Product form: Sofgel capsules


best liquid cod liver for kids/children

Product 5: Carlson Labs Kid’s Cod Liver Oil Natural Lemon

Learn more:

Are you looking for quality cod liver oil for children with a pleasant lemon scent? If your child can’t swallow (or doesn’t like) capsules, liquid oil might be a good idea.1/2 teaspoon (recommended daily dose) contains 2.3 g of Norwegian cod oil, of which 550 mg. are Omega-3 fatty acids (250 mg. DHA and 200 mg. EPA). The supplement also contains:

  • Vitamin A – 127 mcg. (from cod liver oil and retinyl palmitate);
  • Vitamin D – 5 mcg. (from cod liver oil and cholecalciferol);
  • Vitamin E – 3.3 mg. (as d-alpha-tocopherol and mixed tocopherols);

The oil is extracted from the arctic cod from the crystal clear and icy waters of Norway. Of course, this is done by traditional and sustainable methods with care for the environment. Like any product on this list containing the best cod liver oil supplements, the freshness, effect, and purity of the product are guaranteed.

Made in the US. Suitable for children. Environmentally friendly product. Award for superior taste.

  • Quantity: 250 ml.
  • Recommended intake: 1/2 teaspoon (2.5 ml.)/day
  • Product form: Liquid


best cod liver oil with sweet fennel extract

Product 6: Dropi Pure Icelandic Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil – 220ml Liquid (Fennel)

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Extra virgin cod liver oil from Iceland’s oldest fishing community.

Dropi oil is cold-processed cod liver oil, made only from the cod Gadus Morhua. 1 teaspoon (5 ml.) contains 4.6 g of premium virgin cod liver oil and 1150 mg. of omega-3 fatty acids (350 mg. EPA, 450 mg. DHA). One dose also contains 3659 IU Vitamin A (73% RDI), 385 IU Vitamin D (96 RDI), and 4 IU Vitamin E (13% RDI).

Flavored with organic dill (Foeniculum vulgare) for a pleasant and mild taste. It is traditionally considered one of the best herbs that go well with fish. 100% natural and clean. EU controlled and tested. This sweet fennel extract is certified as organic. Each batch can be traced to the boats. The fisheries have been certified as sustainable.

  • Quantity: 220 ml. (1 teaspoon/day, enough for 44 days)
  • Recommended intake: 1 teaspoon (5 ml.)/day
  • Product form: Liquid


cod liver oil at the best price

Product 7: NaturPlus Cod Liver Oil Capsules 1000mg 365 High Strength Omega 3 Softgels

Learn more:

You are looking just for pure cod liver oil? No fancy packaging. No added vitamins. No fragrances, etc. If so, this product is for you.

The NaturPlus product contains 365 capsules of Cod liver oil in a simple bag for less than 11 pounds! One of the best cod liver oil supplements at a super affordable price.

One capsule contains 1000 mg. cod liver oil of which 240 mg. omega-3 fatty acids (80 mg. EPA, 100 mg. DPA). Of course, in each capsule, there is also 800 mcg of Vitamin A (100% RDI) and 5 mcg Vitamin D3 (100% RDI).Delivered to you in food-grade resealable bags which are inside a Mail Lite Sealed Air envelope. NaturPlus cod liver oil is filtered at the molecular level. High purity. Extreme potency. 12 months of essential fatty acids and Vits A & D3, at the 1 per day serving option!

  • Quantity: 365 soft gel capsules (1 capsule/day, enough for 365 days)
  • Recommended intake: 1 or 2 capsules/day
  • Product form: Softgel capsules


best fermented cod liver oil

Product 8: Green Pasture Fermented Cod Liver Oil, Liquid, 237 ml, Cinnamon

Learn more:

Are you looking for fermented cinnamon-flavored oil? One that contains vitamin A, D, E, K, b17? CoQ10? PQQ? Enzymes? Good and easily digestible? With purity according to international protocols?

Oh, my…

Green Pasture Fermented Cod Liver Oil is undoubtedly one of the best, most extraordinary, and unique liver products on the market! The oil is extracted from pacific cod, wildly-caught around Alaska (Bering Sea). The oil is raw. Unadulterated. Whole food. No additives. Routinely tested for purity by third parties.

  • Quantity: 237 ml. (1 teaspoon/day, enough for 118 days)
  • Recommended intake: 1 teaspoon (2 ml.)/day
  • Product form: Liquid/Oil


Fun fact – What is fermentation, how does it work and what are the benefits?

Fermented Cod Liver Oil is a product made after soaking the cod liver in brine. After fermentation, the oil that rises to the surface of the water is collected, purified, and packaged.

Why fermented cod liver oil? Simply put, fermentation enhances the nutritional value of the product. For example, in cod liver oil, fermentation dramatically increases the amount of vitamins A, D and K. Non-essential nutrients such as non-vitamin K Quinones may also be increased. Therefore, fermented oil is superior to other products!


Best cod liver oil for dogs, cats, and other pets

Product 9: Super Solvitax Pure Cod Liver Oil for Dogs

Learn more:

Be a good hooman and get cod liver for your cat or dog.

Super Solvitax cod liver oil is one of the best supplements for dogs, kittens, birds, and other furry friends. Supports shiny and good-looking fur and skin. Helps for strong teeth and bones. Delivers the critical vitamins A, D, and E for inexhaustible energy and the good health of your pet!

Must have for pets. One of the best and highly-rated cod liver oil supplements for animals in the UK. Amazon’s choice for cod liver for dogs.

  • Quantity: 90 capsules
  • Recommended intake: Depends on the size, age, and type of pet;
  • Product form: Capsules


What is the best time to take cod liver oil capsules and what is the recommended dose?

It is best to take it in the evening with something fatty – meat, fish, salad with olive oil, etc.

Cod liver oil is fat, and it is best absorbed with other fats. It is best to take 1-3 tablets at dinner. There is a very good article (studies are also mentioned) why you should take such supplements at night here –

By the way, it is best to keep cod liver oil in the refrigerator. It doesn’t matter if it is in the form of capsules or liquid.


OK, what about the recommended daily dosage (RDI)?

There is no standard.

You need to consider what dosage brings you results (whatever they may be), the doctor’s recommendations, and to read the labels. Use as a guide the recommended doses of the products in the list above. This is most often 1 -3 tablets/day. Stick to the labels and everything (should) be OK.

Note: Be careful with the dose of vitamin A! Consider the intake of the vitamin from your diet plus other supplements (if you take any) and try not to exceed the recommended dose. As I said, if you overdo it, it becomes toxic.


If you can’t get enough vitamin A, D, or omega-3 fatty acids from your diet, use some of the best cod liver oil supplements from the list above

They contain 100% of the recommended daily doses of vitamins A and D. They have EPA and DHA. The taste is… bearable. They are easily and quickly swallowed. Take it in the evening with fatty foods. Take a walk in the sun, eat foods rich in calcium and you will be fine.

If you think I’ve missed something – some details, supplements, or information, please share it in the comments below.


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