CT Cream Plus

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CT Cream Plus with A.C.P. is a revolutionary cream specially formulated to help reduce inflammation related to repetitive strain injuries. We are so confident in CT Cream that we offer our usual 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee that CT Cream will help alleviate all RSI injuries including:

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Tendonitis
  • Bursitis
  • Arthritis
  • Any form of Repetitive Strain / Overuse tendon inflammation injury

Using a patent pending transdermal delivery system, CT Cream Plus provides Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6), Arnica and Choline deep into muscles, nerves, ligaments & tendons. CT Cream Plus is an innovative formula using herbal ingredients combined with a binary transdermal agent for the treatment of pain and discomfort caused by repetitive muscle strains.

The three active ingredients: arnica, pyridoxine and choline barbitrate soak deep into the affected tissue and nerves through a unique transdermal delivery system. This supports the reduction of inflammation and helps repair the nerves to provide comfort with continued use.

Arnica, with proven anti-inflammatory properties, is used in traditional eastern medicine for pain relief. Arnica, combines with well known elements Choline and Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) to reduce inflammation of the affected area causing pain. These ingredients are provided by a revolutionary new carrier process known as the Binary Transdermal System (patent pending).

Developed by a team of Physicians, Pharmacists & Chemists in Southern California, CT Cream Plus is brought to you as a result of years of research that created a formulation combining eastern herbal ingredients with western technology. CT Cream Plus with A.C.P. has been adopted for use by medical doctors, therapists, chiropractors and other health professionals.


Arnica is a botanical which has been used for centuries primarily in Europe. There are over 100 drug products made from this plant. The active components in Arnica are sesquiterpene lactones, which are known for their anti-inflammatory and pain reduction properties. Arnica also contains thymol (an essential oil), flavonoids, inulin, carotenoids and tannins which stimulate blood circulation and healing.

Arnica works by stimulating the activity of white blood cells that perform much of the digestion of congested blood, and by dispersing trapped fluids from bruised tissue, joints and muscle.


Choline is a lipotropic and member of the B complex vitamins and is a component of phospholipids and acetylcholine. It is very beneficial for disorders of the nervous system. Choline is essential for the health of the myelin sheaths of the nerves which are the principal component of nerve fibers.

Carpal tunnel patients exhibit damage to the median nerve of the hand. Choline assists in the repair and strengthening of the sheaths, improving the conductivity and transmission of median nerve impulses.

Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6)

Pyridoxine is a water soluble B vitamin consisting of three compounds: pyridoxine, pyridoxinal and pyridoxamine. Pyridoxine helps maintain the balance of sodium and potassium which regulates body fluids and promotes normal functioning of the nerves. It has been demonstrated clinically to aid in the alleviation of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, however, most treatment using pyridoxine has been oral and in large dosage.

Vitamin B6 deficiency has long been associated with various symptomatologies including shoulder and leg pain, swollen hands, “tennis elbow,” all forms of arthritis, and even carpal tunnel syndrome.

Two prominent physicians who have helped establish the importance of Vitamin B6 in treating Repetitive Strain Injuries include Morton Kasdan, M.D. (12-year study conducted in Louisville, Kentucky) and John Ellis, M.D. who has treated hundreds of patients with Vitamin B6 over the course of the last 26 years at his practice in Texas.

The CT Cream uses smaller dosages that can be applied directly to the point of discomfort and through the binary transdermal process bring pyridoxine directly to the nerve, eliminating the concern over toxic oral levels of this vitamin.

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