Three-of-a-kind brain-boosting supplements

There are many supplements you can take to help you stay fitter, healthier and sharper these days.

People have been taking cod liver oil and vitamin C for many years, but they are just the tip of the supplement iceberg in the modern age. The age of technology has increased the demands placed upon people; we’re busier than ever before, perhaps less active in our work than previous generations and subject to all manner of stresses and strains that being instantly connected to everyone brings. Indeed, since Covid-19 gripped the world, we’ve been more stressed than ever before, something else which places demands upon our bodies.

Being connected does bring opportunity, and that is leading people towards supplements. This is exemplified in the world of online gaming, a whole new industry where people can make millions without ever leaving the house. By playing video games, such as League of Legends, or even online poker, people can make not only a living but a small fortune. One man, Chris Moneymaker, proved this in 2003 by qualifying for the World Series of Poker from his garage and winning big. He is still a big name on the poker circuit, and many others at home seek to be just like him. To find that 5% extra boost they need to beat their opponents, they’re turning to supplements.

These brain-boosting supplements are called nootropics, which are natural supplements that benefit brain function. They’re proven to help boost memory, creativity, alertness and general cognitive function. That’s certainly good for online gamers and poker players but has practical uses throughout other walks of life.

If you want to get the edge in online gaming or give your brain a boost, then we suggest these nootropics.



You already have a level of citicoline, also known as CDP-Choline, in your body.

It occurs naturally in the cells of human and animal tissue, in particular the organs. However, when you take the nootropic, the choline source separates into cytidine and choline, with the former helping to repair damaged neuron membranes. The upshot is that the supplement helps with quick thinking and improves learning capabilities. This is good for the amateur poker player, seeking to learn poker hand rankings and terminology, and the seasoned player hoping to remember their opponent’s tells. It can help with everything from cramming for an exam to learning a new job in everyday life.



Known more commonly as winter cherry, ashwagandha is a shrub growing in India, the Middle East, and Africa. It is known to help with anxiety, which we’ve all felt during a big event such as an online gaming competition, public speaking or even a job interview. It also helps reduce the stress hormone cortisone, which again is a problem for some online gamers. If you’re into online poker and have played a bluff but face losing a lot of chips, this might be the supplement for you.



You will doubtless have heard of this supplement before; it’s a coming household spice used in various culinary dishes.

The turmeric is native to India and south-east Asia, and it delivers a bitter, black pepper-like flavour and a mustard aroma. What few people know is that it is a great anti-anxiety supplement known to improve memory and help relieve pain. When combined with curcumin, it is most effective, and usually, the two are combined in off the shelf supplements. Like citicoline, the benefits might be obvious for online gamers, but there’s also an appeal for anyone needing to boost their cognitive function.

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