Top 7 questions (and their answers) about how to burn excess fat

For over 5 years I have been professionally involved in bodybuilding, nutrition, and supplements. Over this time, there have been 7 questions, regarding weight loss that I have been asked almost every day.

Without further delay, here are the answers…


Question 1: How to lose weight? Which diet to choose?

The principle for losing extra pounds is only one – calorie deficit.

Any diet that puts you in a reasonable (the emphasis is on reasonable) calorie deficit will lead to fat burning and weight loss. Mathematically, physically and chemically, it is impossible to consume fewer calories than you burn and not lose weight.

There is no such thing as “diets that don’t work” or “I have heavy bones.” All this is deception.

Fill a bucket with water. Drill 2-3 holes in the bottom and start filling it with a light stream of water. In a few minutes, the bucket will be almost empty – more water flows out than it flows in.

Now imagine that you see the following thing and someone starts explaining to you that “the bucket does not react to emptying” or that it has a “big bone”. How would you react to such nonsense? Yes, it sounds silly, and yet people repeat something like this every day.

Here’s how to lose weight in 2 steps:

  • Step 1: Calculate how many calories a day you need to maintain your weight;
  • Step 2: Eat 200-300 calories less per day than what you need to maintain your weight;

That’s it. Just like the bucket, in time you will start to become lighter. There is simply no other way.


Question 2: How do I target belly fat?

You cannot.

The body burns fat from everywhere – legs, arms, chest, etc. You can’t force fat burning in a certain area.
Various marketing “geniuses” are trying to convince people otherwise with their devices. The only way to achieve a flat stomach is to bring subcutaneous fat down to 10-15%.

Note: By the way, nothing will happen if you put nylon/folio on your stomach while running. The sweat that comes out is just water, not fat.


Question 3: What exercises should I do to burn belly fat?

Again, there is no such thing. See the above myth.

Your subcutaneous fat should be 10-15% in order to have a 6 pack. It is very funny to me when someone says that he/she did 300-400 crunches a day. You can do 50,000, but if your abs are covered by fat you won’t be able to see them.

Fat is removed with dieting, not exercising.

I’m still waiting to see someone with a high percentage of subcutaneous fat, but also a 6 pack.
Of course, you should train your abs. Training alone will not melt your fat, but your abdominal muscles will look more defined.


Question 4: Which supplements burn fat?

Again, there is no such thing.

All supplements:

  • affect appetite (most often suppress it);
  • support the process of burning body fat;

Some supplements are meal replacements (such as protein powders), but they are better suited to stop you from eating something in a hurry.


Also, there are no superfoods (or any foods) that burn fat on their own

Some support the process. Others satiate you.

But no supplement burns the fat directly. The only way to burn fat is through proper diet and exercise.


Question 5: How many times per day do I have to eat to speed up my metabolism and burn fat?

You have no control over your metabolism.

You can’t slow it down or speed it up. Well, you can slow it down if you’re in a coma. This myth refuses to die. Look, the only thing that matters is how many calories you consume per day. There is no difference between 3,000 calories per meal or 3,000 calories distributed between 6 meals.

At the end of the day, the bill is the same – you consumed 3,000 calories.


Question 6: Is it true that I should not eat carbohydrates after 6 PM?

Another myth.

100 calories in the morning, are again 100 calories after 6 PM. I often eat a lot of carbs before bed and still lose weight. If you are within the caloric norm, you can eat everything you want.

The only reason why you shouldn’t eat in the evening is because you might not feel well.


Question 7: I consume a healthy diet and still don’t burn fat. What should I do?

First, what does “healthy” mean?

If you think that by eating only fruits, vegetables and “superfoods” you cannot gain weight, you are wrong.
I often talk to people and they tell me, “Oh, it can’t make you fat,” “Oh, no, that’s healthy, you can’t get fat.”

That’s not true. If you are in a caloric surplus, you accumulate fat. It doesn’t matter what you eat.

Monitor your calorie intake. Some of these “healthy” foods are high in calories and you gain fat without feeling it. For example, avocado (which every Instagram nutrition guru has included in 2 million posts) is an extremely high-calorie food and you can easily gain weight from it.

Oatmeal, rice, potatoes, etc. are also rich in carbohydrates and if you do not control yourself it is very easy to overeat.


There is also the opposite – you eat too little

If you eat too little, the body presses the brakes on burning fat.

That’s why I told you to reduce your calories by 200-300 a day. It’s not much, it will not stress the body and you will not feel the yo-yo effect.

Leave the crash diets behind. Don’t listen if someone tells you to eat “less” – eat the right foods. 200-300 calorie deficit per day is an ideal solution.

Do you have questions about losing weight? Leave a comment and I will reply as soon as possible. Thanks!

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